San Jose - capital city of Costa Rica

is one of the largest destinations of this region. It is situated in the west province of the nation. All the political and economical activities are performed here. This is a main of the national administration. Although, people reside in the center of the city this the most important and active workplace. Millions of people travel daily to earn their daily bread. This place is less violent and a safe place for travelling and also establishing. In the year 2006 the town was alloted the lbero American culture. This is an excellent place for historical museums and other attractions that can make the visitors delighted and pleased.

San Jose Costa Rica

The transportation facility is very adaptable and connects all the networks of the metropolitan region and districts. It also involves other linking towns of Costa Rica. There are some more changes happening these days in the transport system. The plan is to start a new tramway process that will help to commute in various regions with ease. For visitor’s attraction there are many striking theaters, and their architecture is very much inspired by the European regions and that catches the glance of the visitors. The eye-catching architecture has given a platform to artists, musical and varied cultural actions. The activities involve the modern as well as traditional of San Jose and Costa Rica’s culture.

The museums that are worth visiting are as stated below:

  • Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica- The very renowned and nationalized theatre of Costa Rica.

  • Teatro Popular Melico Salazar which is also termed as Melico Salazar Theater

  • Children’s museum of Costa Rica is also very capturing.

  • The Museum of Pre Columbia Gold

  • Museum of art that explains the depth of Costa Rica country.

These museums are so conversant that the tourist can definitely get an image of the civilization and ritual of this region.

For family fun and picnic there are many parks with open green regions, recreational activities, fountains, statues, famous sculptures and lakes.There are many plants of different species that can amuse the children.

San Jose is been ranked on the fifteenth position for inspiring tourist. This place is a glorious and memorable destination for visitors. This place is also awful for shopping and dining. The inspiring region of San Jose Costa Rica is the Latin America.There are improving on the education sector as well. The residents of this location are literate and well mannered. The people of this country are very helpful and kind.